DIY Backsplash Install

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When we renovated our kitchen, we installed the backsplash ourselves.  It was a fairly straight forward project, but I found a couple tools along the way that made the job much easier.

 The wood vein tile we used is no longer available at Lowe's, but this is a similar tile.
Install is simple, but time-consuming.  One of us would spread the mortar and the other would lay the 12x12 sheets of tile.  

For cuts around outlets, switches, and when we got to the corner, we used this simple tile cutter.  You just line up your tile where you want to cut it, score, and then press down, and it snaps apart.

We wanted to hang open shelves and found a really great (and inexpensive!) drill bit kit to drill holes into the tile.  

The way it works, is that you take this plastic piece and put a little sticker on the back and attach it to the tile, lining up the hole with where your hole needs to be drilled.

You then start slowly filling the plastic box with water that slowly drips down over the part that the bit goes through.

 Speaking of bits, here is the diamond-encrusted bit that is included.

The drilling itself takes a few minutes, but it's amazing and the results were perfect.

We went with a grey grout and love the finished look. 

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