Hexagon Sponge Wall

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If you've been on Instagram or Pinterest recently, you've probably seen people making beautiful accent walls using just some paint and a simple kitchen sponge.

When I started seeing these, I decided to try it out on a wall in my son's room. We just moved him to a twin bed so he has a big blank wall. The walls are Sherwin Williams Frostwork.

Then I saw Jess over at Carcaba Road did a hexagon sponge faux backsplash and loved it. I ordered some large sponges on Amazon, and used a $10 quart of flat white Glidden paint from Home Depot.

I first cut a template out of paper for my hex, and traced it onto the sponge before cutting. Unfortunately, I messed it up and only had a small piece of sponge left, so I made a half hex sponge and did every hex in 2 halves. This added some time to my project, but I actually ended up liking the effect it created.

Once I had my template, I poured some paint in a paper plate.  I started by dipping the sponge into the paint and then I'd blot it ever so slightly on another plate.  I would make about 4-5 hexagon prints, before getting more paint, making each one lighter than the last, creating the appearance of different colors, almost.

Getting started was the hardest part, but once I got into a groove, the pace picked up.  When I got to the edges of the wall, I used half cut hexagons to fill in the last columns.  And I kept q-tips on hand all along the way, to catch drips.

With lots of interruptions, I would say this project took me about 3-4 hours, but would be closer to 1-2 hours without interruptions.  And the total cost came to less than $14.

I chose not to have the pattern go all the way to the top and give it some shape to add more interest.  And we love how it turned out.  My son keeps saying "Mommy let me show you my paint" and grabs my hand to lead me to his room.  That's all the reward I need.

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