I recently had the pleasure of working with some of my dear friends on an interior design project.  They purchased a home in Branson, MO with the intension of making it a short term rental.  I had worked with them in the past on their personal home design and knew what their style and budget was like, and they told me they wanted this house to be a board game/video game theme.  My goal with this home was to make it feel comfortable and fun, with the game theme obvious but not corny. 

Primary Bath Renovation

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We recently completed a bathroom renovation featuring a brand new large walk-in marble shower.

This bathroom has a very small footprint at only 67 square feet and it originally had a very small walk-in shower, a soaker tub, and double vanity.  We opted to move the shower into the tub space and not include a tub in the new space.

Colorful Girl's Room

by Erin, 9:56 PM

 Before my son was born, we moved our daughter to her big girl room and had such fun decorating it.  She wanted to add some fun new things to her room, and more color. 

Way back in 2013, when we started working on this kitchen of ours, we knew we wanted open shelving for our most used dishes.  And this spot right above the dishwasher was perfect, not only aesthetically, but functionally as well.  

When I started redesigning our laundry room, I knew I wanted a wood countertop.  But when I started looking for butcher block, it was out of the price range I wanted to stay within.  So I started googling DIY Wood Countertop and DIY Butcherblock Counter.

Hexagon Sponge Wall

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If you've been on Instagram or Pinterest recently, you've probably seen people making beautiful accent walls using just some paint and a simple kitchen sponge.

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