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Does it annoy you when you are looking through Pinterest and you see a great picture that says something like "plans to make this _____ for cheap!", and then you go to the link and they are so excited because they only spent $125 on materials to build that. There are some things that I want to spend $10-$20, and not much more.
If you're like me, friend, then today is your lucky day!

To build your own bench, you will need the following:
(4) 2x4s (I buy the super cheap ones) - $10.00
(1) package of mending plates - $3.58
2" screws
Stain of your choice - we used Minwax Jacobean

You will need to make the following cuts:

(4) @ 48", (2) @ 14.25", (4) @ 14", 2 @ 9", 1 @ 34", and 1@ 36"
First up, make your sides by screwing a 9" board in between (2) 14" boards.

Then, center a 14.25" board on top of this "H" and screw together.  You should end up with these two:

Now, your mending plates come into play.

Lay each side upside down, place the 34" board between them, and screw them together, using the mending plates.

 Your "bench" should look like this now:

 Now, will we add the second support by flipping the bench on it's side, and screwing the 36" board between the 9" boards on your "H"s.

**Note: I made this bench to put plants and other decorations on it for my porch, not primarily for seating.  If you intend to use this bench for seating, be sure it is secure and consider adding diagonal supports underneath.

 Take your (4) 48" boards and space them evenly across the top, to create the seat of your bench.

Screw them into place, and voila! You have a bench! Easy, right?

 I stained my bench in the garage with some cardboard underneath to protect the ground, starting on the bottom, and then flipping over to stain the top.

I let it sit in the garage to dry for about a week and then moved it to it's place on the front porch.  It's a great place for delivery folks to drop packages, or for our daughter's constant, gigantic rock collection.

I am going to see how it does with the elements, and I may choose to apply a poly to it as well.  But, the "aging old bench" look may end up being the winner. We'll see!

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  1. Is there a formula if i want to make it bigger than 48”?


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