Back in 2014, when we renovated our kitchen, we had LG HI-MACS solid surface countertops installed in our kitchen.  When we were originally shopping for these, 6 years ago, we couldn't find much information or reviews on this specific product, so hopefully this will help you, if you're thinking of having these installed yourself.

The verdict: we love them!  When we had these installed, we wanted something relatively affordable, but with a nicer look than laminate.  The color we picked was Tapioca Pearl.  One thing we love about these counters is that they almost always look clean, even when they're not spotless.

Here's a before...

They're also stain resistant.  I have spilled gel stain, left raspberry juice on them for far too long, and the kids have colored on them many times and they always come clean.

One downside to these counters is that they do scratch, but I've found that the light color and pattern we chose doesn't show the scratches unless you're looking for them really close, and at the right angle.

At the same time, we also upgraded our sink and faucet, and we absolutely love them. The big, single bowl is fantastic for washing pots and pans, and even bathing tiny babies, and we've never missed having two bowls.

Also, in comparison, my parents had Corian brand counters installed in their kitchen, and they have had heat issues when placing the crock pot or griddle directly on it.  The surface now has a texture that wasn't there previously, and needless to say, they aren't thrilled.  We haven't had any issues with using these appliances on the counters.

Hope that helps, if you're searching for solid surface countertops!
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  1. This may seem like an odd question, but what type of edge did you get with your counter? My husband and I just ordered Hi-MACS Edessa yesterday, and I am second guessing our edging choice. Also, have you noticed rough spots or water stains? Coffee? I've been searching high and low for reviews on this stuff, which is how I found your page today, and the only other review I found had made me fear we made a terrible & expensive choice. I appreciate any insight!

    1. Hi Lindsay! I'm not sure what the edge is called, but it's just a simple flat edge with rounded corners. We've had them 7 years now and I still love them. Sometimes juice or something can give them a stain, but I just buff it out with a scrubber and cleaner, or magic eraser and it's fine. I spilled gel stain on them once (ugh) and got it out.

  2. thank you, I have had mine about a month and I love them. They do always look clean! I chose the same edge you did, and happy that I did. I did not know you could use magic eraser!!!! good!

  3. We had hi-mac installed in 2005 and still love the counters. We are doing a remodel this year (2022) and will have them installed again.


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