Our laundry room has gone through a few changes over the last 8 years we've lived here, but I finally gave this room a big facelift and I am loving it so much.

For reference, this is where our laundry room started when we bought our house, and how I changed it up after we moved in. 

Back in November, I decided that the cabinet and utility sink space in our laundry room would be a better use of space if we took that out and added a mini mudroom for our kid's stuff.  You can see how we did that here.  This has made such an impact in our day-to-day lives.

I wanted to add faux shiplap to our washer/dryer wall too, so I installed the whole thing - floor to ceiling.  And I painted the cabinet in there green, too, and it sat like that for a couple months.  It just wasn't right, and I couldn't figure out why.  Luckily, I had only paid about $20 for the sub-floor boards on this wall, so it wasn't a huge loss. And apparently I didn't even take a picture of it all done, because I wasn't a fan.

Finally, I was sick of just thinking about how to fix it, and I decided to just jump in and try something.  I painted the shiplap on this wall white, and I could instantly see it was better.  After that, the plan came together quickly in my mind.  I moved a second cabinet that used to be in this room, back in, to add better storage.  I also picked a softer, more muted green paint for the cabinets, and used the same green in the mudroom space. The color is Thyme Green by Glidden.

Then we built a counter. I really love the look of butcher block, but did not love the price tag, so I started my search for a better option.  I found a tutorial from Ashley at Domestic Imperfection, where she used oak flooring to make a counter.  I'll be sharing my whole breakdown of that project soon.  Oh! And I also switched out the light fixture for this one from Home Depot.

After sanding and staining I had 
All. The. Heart. Eyes.

I added a few accessories including this print from Juniper Print Shop to hide the outlet and washer/dryer hookups, this basket from Target, and a few plants.  I am thrilled with how this room came together!

Next to the dryer, we have our dog food container tucked away.

So there it is! It has been such a fun project and I love being in this space now! 
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