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The one thing I want when people come to our house, either for dinner, or overnight, is to feel comfortable.  I want them to feel at home.  So I came up with a plans for our guest room and transformed the room in about a week. 

If you saw my mood board yesterday, you know where I was headed with the general look and pieces.

The first place I started was the paint.  I went with Sherwin Williams' Drift of Mist and I just love it.  The previous color was a terrible blue that was supposed to be more grey, but it looked baby blue.  I was pregnant when I chose it (#babybrain) and I've regretted it every day since.   I don't even have a picture. I had to do two coats to cover the awful blue.  I also gave the trim a fresh coat of white.  

 Then I moved on to the bed.  We'd had this comforter for a few years, and I decided to take a chance on a very inexpensive bed frame with headboard from Amazon.  I chose this one here.  It showed it up one flat box and all the side pieces, foot board, hardware and legs were all stored within the headboard.  It's been a great purchase and it's extremely affordable.

After looking through all my inspiration, I picked out a dresser, chair, and nightstands.  I found really great deals on all of them, as I purchased them right before Thanksgiving. 

The curtains were an inexpensive set from TJ Maxx and the curtain rods were only $10/each at Walmart.

The art all came from Etsy!  I found these amazing digital downloads and then had them printed with a coupon code at Office Max.  The room came together just how I had pictured and I'm so pleased with it.  And our guests seem to be, too, which is what really counts.

Curtain Rods

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  1. Hi! Wondering if you’d share where you got the lamps?


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