One of the very best decisions I made in our laundry room was adding hanging laundry baskets.  Our laundry room is on the main floor, while our bedrooms are on the upper level, which means, if we have anything that needs to be added to the week's laundry, we had to trek upstairs to put it in a basket, or it sits in a weird pile.  You might have a similar problem.

So, I added these two baskets above our utility sink, and they simply hung on hooks.  Sometimes, the best ideas are the simplest.
Originally, they were for lights and darks, and then when our kiddos came along, the top became for kids and the bottom was for us and towels, etc.  This was so helpful, because both of our kids spit up so SO very much and there were burp cloths everywhere. 

Since my recent laundry room updates, we now have just one basket, but it's much larger. It still hangs on hooks, but I really like this basket because it has a divider you can use optionally, and the slots are much smaller, so the dirty laundry isn't as visible.
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