DIY Grouted Vinyl Tile

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 I have a love/hate relationship with tile flooring.  Do I think it's beautiful? Yes.  Do I think it's freezing in the winter? Yes.  So, when it came time to update the flooring in a few of our bathrooms and the laundry room, we went with vinyl.  It's not only warmer and very durable, but it's also inexpensive and easy peasy to install.  But we did want them to look a bit nicer than your typical vinyl peel and stick tile, so we decided to grout this tile.

These rooms, and our kitchen all had this lovely old linoleum that I couldn't wait to cover.

The exact tile we went with is no longer available, but here is a similar one.
Installing these tiles is incredibly simply. For the most part, you just peel and stick them down, but sometimes you need to make some cuts.  And since they're vinyl, you can cut them with a utility knife.  For instance, I needed to cut a hole for the vent, so I grabbed a piece of printer paper and drew where it needed to be cut.   

Then I flipped the paper over on the tile, and cut where my line was.  

Around the toilet, I did something similar.  I taped a few pieces of paper together (it's really high tech here, guys) traced, and cut.  

Here's the floor before the grout: 

I really like to use pre-mixed grout and went with SimpleGrout in Earth for this floor, and applied the grout with a plastic putty knife.

After I let it dry, I sealed it and love the results.  These floors have held up great in the last 7 years. 

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