Lately I've been scrolling through Instagram and ads will show up for really beautiful home decor items and I am always shocked to see they're from Walmart.  And then I click through, and the prices are always great, too, so I thought I'd share some of my favorites!
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This is from Drew Barrymore's line and it's so gorgeous.  The rollback is from an original price of $120, and I'm thinking of getting it for the guest room. 

This pillow is a good basic and brings texture to a flat space.   It comes in a bunch of other colors, too, but I love this navy.

The way this pillow lays, it gives me all the heart eyes.   

I'm updating my office right now, and this may be a good option for a boob light replacement.

A really great, simple semi-flushmount for the other boob lights in the house.

This is SUCH a good price for 2 really good looking nightstands.   

This is a really high end looking planter, on a super low budget.  I need to go snag one before they all get scooped up.

I want to buy all of these and give my kids (and me) the best looking playroom.  Balance the black with all their colorful toys and fun art to create a great mix of great design and good storage for all the things. 

This would be so good on the middle of table or on the counter to corral items. 

That's less than $9 per basket, and they are a great size.  And those copper handles are really great.

Thirty. Dollars. For a schoolhouse pendant.  These make me want to rethink our decision to not have island pendants.   

Are you going to snag any of these goodies?  Let me know in the comments or on social!!

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